Gem Residences Leads Your Stress-Free Life

Gem Residences Leads Your Stress-Free Life

Gem Residences | A Home Helps You Achieve a Stress-free Life

A vibrant community and commuting convenience

High quality healthy living right by your home

Toa Payoh town with food haven

Don't miss out on an opportunities for own this exclusive condo


You don't even need to come out your home to get that. And, the secret is in where you are. You are living at Gem Residences.

Pick a class @ Gem Residences

Gem Residences offers countless classes, so take your freetime to participate in these classes. Yoga will help you push your bodily limits or take part in a new skill class like dance, tennis, swimming. Instead of spendiing your all day to watching them through TV programs. This is perfect for your family because everybody will happy and healthy.

Yoga Class

Tennis class

Swimming Class

Real sense of Gem Residences neighbourly

Gem Residences brings to you a warm atmostphere, comfortable and safety with your neighbours. Neighbourhood will make you and your family get more living experiences and thankfully, all the activities available built your friendship. Join in a free baking class or take a walk through the edible garden at this condo. Your parents and childrens will enjoy a larger social circle, that will makes them happy and stronger.

neighbor at gem residences

neighbor at gem residences

Get a health check up right by where you live

According to research, three-quarters of Singaporeans only come to hospital when they feel pain or experience symptoms, because it is too costly, too troublesome and not enough time. But, you are living at Gem Residences, your doctor is right by your home.

doctor home visit

Children healthy

Taking the convenience of a medical team in your own compound also reduces the stress of carrying sick family members to and from hospital. People who receive good quality home care are re-admitted to the clinic less often.

Gem Residences gives a unique Japan healthcare service, named Tetsuyu. It is based on a home care model that uses a holistic approach to medical treatment and recording your medical information. Doctors will do outpatient appointments, home visits, so you will not too worry for your ageing parents and baby.

Restaurant booking right at your home

At Gem Residences, you just need to tell us and we will settle everything for you from a small dinners at a Michelin star venue, to a big wonderfull dinners at a local restaurants. Your family and friends will never hace to stress out about about tables booking.

restaurant reservation

Food delivery

Take a photo tour of Gem Residences showflat and explore the ways that leads to your sress-free life.

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