Need a safe and happy home where your pooches thrive? Yes, right here!

Need a safe and happy home where your pooches thrive? Yes, right here!

Through the ages, if it is one of people's closest companions, dogs get the front-row seat! They notice when you're happy, sad or even mad. They are called as a protector, helper, lifesaver, and provider, the relationship between man and dog goes a bit deeper by time.

1. Dog Microchips and Identification

Inspite of your efforts, dos can get out and lost. But If he's wearing a microchip and ID tag, chances are good for getting him returned to you safely. When scanned, the information of owner can be clarified and our staff will contact you.

2. Vaccination for Dogs

We love dogs, and will do anything to give them the best health possible, so make sure they're vaccinated properly!

Which vaccinations our pets need? According to the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association), there are two types of vaccines your pup needs: core vaccines and non-core vaccines.

Core vaccines (Rabies, DA2PP and Canine parvovirus) should be given to all dog and Non-core vaccines (Bordetella, Canine influenza, Lyme vaccine, Leptospirosis and Crotalid) that are given as a particular situation makes it necessary.

3. Does your dog need a canine companion?

It makes sense that there are so many things to consider when adopting the second dog, however if your dog is more social than others, it is necessary. When you are away they also need a four-legged friend, a playmate for sure.

pet care at gem residences

pet pool

Another alternative is that go for a walk with him in the playground where he can interact with other canine friends, yes, give them more opportunities to socialize.

4. Neuter or spay dog

Medical research indicates that with the surgery, your dogs will be able to live longer, exhibit the better behaviour and keep healthy. In addition, this also helps fight pet overpopulation.

5. A well trained dog is happier

Traing comes as one of the most important aspects in raising your dog. It give the mental stimulation to help your dog happy, build a positive relationship, Sociability, make them behavior better. The effective training can help foster the relationships between dogs and owners.

6. Pet Pool

Here’s an even better way to give your pets some exercise: pet pool at Gem Residences - the only condo in Singapore with one. Not just perfect for sweltering days and introducing your pooches to a new environment, it’s also a great place for making new friends, both for your pet(s) and you. Let it have fun!

6. Grooming your puppy

Grooming both maintain dogs' physical health and their appearance, make sure they always clean as well as keeping them good-looking. Now with Unique Facilities at Gem Residences you will never take time to take them to pet spa, drop by the pet groomer and then – one handsome dog and a happy owner.

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